It is time again for me to fill you in with another status update. I have been incredibly busy with my academics this past while which has left little time for side-projects (despite how much I would like to work on them). What little time I have free I have been surfing, meditating, doing yoga, and sleeping to try and recover and recoup.

To give you an idea of what my workload looks like I mapped it with Matplotlib+Numpy using Joe Kinton’s answer on Stack Overflow as a starting point.

My productivity app Tempo has seen some slight changes as I have tinkered away at it and I have been using it relentlessly to keep myself focused and maintain my work momentum. A lot has been changed and improved since the last devlog and frankly another one is long overdue. Yet again, I have found that using my app constantly really brings to light any issues or quirks that annoy me which has been a great way to know what things I need to change or polish first.

Finally, I have been writing more Go in my spare time — mostly with toy projects — and I have to say that I am quickly falling in love with it. I had expected my self to prefer Rust, but somehow Go pleasantly surprised me with the dev tools. In some way I feel that Go has been a lot easier for me to grok than Rust.

That does not mean that I have abandoned learning Rust, but rather that I have shelved it for now in favour of focusing on mastering Go. I am still especially interested in adding Rust to my repertoire especially since there is talk of including in-tree Rust support.