Yet again it is time for another update. The past month I have been incredibly busy. I have recently taken up a lecturing position for a Java course at a local university. While entirely online/remote, the work is quite time consuming if not overly difficult. I have found it interesting to develop an effective workflow and schedule, and to find the relevant tools that allow me to do so.

For those interested, my current “stack”/workflow for lectures is:

I have also found myself using Taskwarrior quite a bit, but I’m not sure if I really like it. Something about the usage seems to rub at me. For a while I was considering adding Taskwarrior support to Tempo, but I will probably hold off for now.

Other than that, I am currently preparing a paper for the SACAIR conference as part of my MSc work. It is proving an intense process, but I expected it would be.

In what free time I have left, I find myself surfing, playing chess, and playing Bloodborne (although not that often).

I find myself itching to work on Tempo as well as a plethora of other personal project ideas (mostly in Go). For now though, they will have to remain on the backburner. Until the next update, keep well in these interesting times.